Sequenced Reality

I’m releasing new electronic music as Sequenced Reality. The first release is an EP titled “Almost Morning Now”. Check it out on Bandcamp or listen to it using the player to the left.

Almost morning now is about the dark times we live in and about trying to see the positive things in it all.

The tracks started as improvisations on a home-build modular synthesizer after which layers of samples and other synths were added to create a blend of ambient and rhythmic textures.

Released on May 24, 2021.

Written, performed, engineered and produced by Andre Theelen.
All tracks recorded and mixed between January and May 2021.
Mastered at Schwebung Mastering by Stephan Mathieu.
Artwork and design by Andre Theelen.


I started making electronic music in 1990. Not much later Harold Teunissen and I started the band “Syndrone” together. We released our first music in 1992.
Both CD albums and a remastered version of the Outer Reaches cassette release are now available as digital downloads on Bandcamp:

Syndrone – Blind Date (1996)

Syndrone – Being There (1993)

Syndrone – Outer Reaches (1992)

“Blind Date” was recorded during jam sessions between 1994-1996. All tracks were recorded at home and were mastered by Ron Boots in his studio.
The official CD release date of “Blind Date” was September 1st, 1996.

“Being There” was recorded in 3 days in July 1993 in Dreamscape studio by Ron Boots who also produced this CD.

“Outer Reaches” was recorded in one weekend in March 1992 and is an independent audio cassette release.
The remastered digital version was released in June 2020.

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